Want to help...

but don’t know where to begin?

Take One Step

Change begins with one small step.

As Syrian refugees are walking across deserts, paddling across the oceans, holding on to a grain of hope; we can help with one click, one phone call, one box of clothing–a single step.

 Three different organizations are listed below.

All of them are helping with the crisis and all of them could use our support.

Migrant Offshore Aid Station

Migrant Offshore Aid Station

Carry the Future was created by one woman taking one step. She started an online campaign to donate baby carriers to refugee families and in a matter of 30 days collected 3000 carriers and raised $42,000. Carry the future is now a registered non-profit and has grown from providing baby carriers to also providing Baby Boxes to expectant mothers in the refugee camps, filled with items to keep babies healthy and safe. Carry the Future is a 100% volunteer run organization.

Mercy Corps

Mercy Corps

Poverty. Conflict. Disaster. These are the global challenges that we’ve been responding to since 1979, helping more than 258 million people survive emergencies and build back better. When a natural disaster strikes, an economy collapses, or conflict erupts, Mercy Corps is there. We respond immediately to meet urgent needs for food, water and shelter, and stay beyond the emergency to partner with communities for their long-term recovery.



International Rescue Committee

International Rescue Committee

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) responds to the world’s worst humanitarian crises and helps people to survive and rebuild their lives. At work in over 40 countries and 22 U.S. cities to restore safety, dignity and hope, the IRC leads the way from harm to home. The IRC is providing relief to millions of uprooted people in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, Greece, and in the U.S.

I’m convinced of this: Good done anywhere is good done everywhere. For a change, start by speaking to people rather than walking by them like they’re stones that don’t matter. As long as you’re breathing, it’s never too late to do some good.

Maya Angelou



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